Aging and Eating

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Category: Aging Smart

When we think about healthy aging, we know that it is dependent on several factors such as personal health, lifestyle and finances. Of these factors, the one that we are going to talk about today is personal health and the role that nutrition plays in aging well.


Ohio State University Extension

Our goal at the Ohio State University is, through our Extension services, to bring the knowledge of the university directly to you so that you may better your lives, businesses, and communities.  To that end, we created the Aging Smart Program, which we hope to continue to grow.  We were fortunate enough to have several OSU Extension Educators contribute to the development of the Aging Smart Program: their names are listed below.

We hope you find this module to be helpful, and will consider taking all of the Aging Smart modules! 

Kathryn Green, M.S.
Ohio State University Extension Educator
OSU Extension: Family and Consumer Sciences

Carmen Irving, M.A., CFLE, CYC-P
Healthy Relationships Program Specialist
OSU Extension: Family and Consumer Sciences

Jennifer Lobb, MPH, RD, LD
Family and Consumer Sciences Educator
OSU Extension: Family and Consumer Sciences


  1. Understand nutritional needs for older adults.
  2. Learn what affects nutritional intake.
  3. Learn strategies for maintaining good health.
  4. Explore food sources for needed nutrients.

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