Is There An App For That?: Nutrition, Fitness and Aging

1.0 Continuing Education Credit Hour

Category: 100 Basic Concepts

Internet use among adults 65 and older is on the rise, and there are thousands of applications and web services that may be useful to the older adult. Those services introduced to the student in this module include defining mobile health (mhealth) and exploring various APPS on nutrition, fitness, etc. Of course applications and web services are very helpful however nothing takes the place of a doctor and other healthcare professionals.


Sarah Rusnak, MS, RD, LD

Sarah has a Master of Science in Foods and Nutrition with an emphasis in Instructional Technology.  For the last 8 years, Sarah worked as a Clinical Research Bionutritionist at The Ohio State University Clinical Research Center.  She now works as Research Analyst Specialist for the Center for Clinical and Translational Science and also works as an Adjunct Instructor in the Division of Medical Dietetics and Health Sciences. Her areas of focus are nutrition informatics, dietary analysis and the use of technology to educate students, professionals, and the community.   Sarah has given many presentations on nutrition informatics at a variety of meetings including the Michigan Dietetic Association's Annual Meeting and the  Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo.


  1. List potential uses of the application "mHealth" for older adults.
  2. Support older adults in using mHealth applications specific to their concerns.
  3. Compare and contrast additional health and wellness applications appropriate for older adults.

Online Module

When completing the on-line module you will be presented with learning objectives, brief cases, questions for reflection (not scored), and interactive lessons with hyperlinks to engage you along the way. Once you complete the lessons, you will be presented with the Post Test (which requires a score of 100%) and then the Module Evaluation, followed by the opportunity to print your Continuing Education Certificate. Modules remain available for your future reference once you have completed them.