The First 24 Hours: An Unfolding Case Study in Person-Directed Care

1.5 Continuing Education Credit Hours

Category: 200 Intermediate Concepts

This module demonstrates approaches to person-directed care in the nursing home environment. The goal of this unfolding case is to illustrate systems to support person-directed care for a resident's first 24 hours in a nursing home. In particular the module highlights recently developed person-directed competencies for medical directors, nurses, and nursing home administrators. Presentation of this module is a collaboration between The Pioneer Network and the Ohio State University Office of Geriatrics and Gerontology.



Amy Elliot, PhD

Amy Elliot, PhD, completed this work on behalf of Pioneer Network, a national center for the development of person-centered long-term care delivery systems.  As the former Director of Research and Evaluation at Pioneer, Amy was responsible for the demonstration of a sound business case that illustrates positive cost and quality outcomes resulting from person-centered care at the organization, state, and federal policy levels. She has authored book chapters, case studies and publications to support this focus. Her professional experience coupled with a strong personal commitment to further the scope of public policy for elders are instrumental in her efforts to disseminate person-centered innovation. Amy is an alumnus of Ohio State, earning her doctorate in Public Policy with a Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Aging. Amy credits her experience with the Specialization in Aging as foundational to pursing positive transformations for our culture of aging.

Barbara Frank, M.P.A.

Barbara Frank, M.P.A., is co-founder of B&F Consulting, with Cathie Brady. They help nursing homes be better places to live and work and often serve as faculty for learning collaboratives to improve staff stability, care-outcomes, quality of life, and overall organizational performance. They are leading a multi-state Pioneer Network National Learning Collaborative helping 65 nursing homes to improve outcomes by promoting staff engagement in individualizing care. They also worked with struggling nursing homes and led a team that helped New Orleans nursing homes recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. They co-produced a film, with Louisiana Public Broadcasting and Dr. Susan Wehry, called The Big Uneasy: Katrina's Unsung Heroes. Barbara is co-author of Meeting the Leadership Challenge in Long-Term Care: What You Do Matters (Health Professions Press 2011) with David Ferrell and Cathie Brady. Barbara is one of the founders of the Pioneer Network and currently serves on its board of directors.


  1. Consider implementation factors for replication of person-directed culture in nursing home settings.
  2. Analyze the unfolding case study.
  3. Define the roles of the medical director, nurse, and nursing home administrator in the nursing home environment.
  4. Describe the continuum of person-directed culture.
  5. Understand the differences between an institution-directed culture and a person-directed culture.

Online Module

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