Preventing Falls in Your Home

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Category: Aging Smart

One of the more recent issues being focused on by researchers is the fear of falling. Reports show that between 20 and 46 percent of older adults who haven't experienced a fall acknowledge a fear of falling. Older adults are concerned with the financial costs of falls, but looking beyond that, we know that falls have social implications as well. This fear can lead to a decrease in activity, loss of confidence, more isolation, and a decrease in overall life satisfaction. As we go through this module, we will not only review the statistics on falls, but we will look at the common causes of falls, how to prevent falls and what to do if you fall.


Ohio State University Extension

Our goal at the Ohio State University is, through our Extension services, to bring the knowledge of the university directly to you so that you may better your lives, businesses, and communities.  To that end, we created the Aging Smart Program, which we hope to continue to grow.  We were fortunate enough to have several OSU Extension Educators contribute to the development of the Aging Smart Program: their names are listed below.

We hope you find this module to be helpful, and will consider taking all of the Aging Smart modules! 

Kathryn Green, M.S.
Ohio State University Extension Educator
OSU Extension: Family and Consumer Sciences

Carmen Irving, M.A., CFLE, CYC-P
Healthy Relationships Program Specialist
OSU Extension: Family and Consumer Sciences


  1. Understand the prevalence of falls.
  2. Identify causes of falls.
  3. Identify how to prevent falls and what to do if a fall occurs.

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